Laser Lipo Ultra

Laser Lipo ultra is a non surgical alternative for liposuction. It focuses on reducing the apperance of cellulite, delivering fat shedding and performing body contouring and skin tightening. Its concept lies on triggering the process of photo bio -modulation

How does ultra vacuum massage work? In comparison with the basic Laser Lipo machine, the Laser Lipo ultra has incorporated vacuum massage along with another infra-red laser wavelenght) so as to deliver further reduction in circumference and cellulite appearence. The add-on of the vacuum massage contributes to the further removal of the release fat contents, eventually boosting collagen production and thus fighting thus appearence of cellulite, laser diodes, plus the vacuum massage previously mentioned, in order to melt away accumulated fat, more efectively and come up with greater lymphatic drainage and perfect blood circulation.

Similar to Laser Lipo the Laser Lipo Ultra vacuum massager is painless, non invasive, & no downtime


Treatments last for approximately 15-30 minutes and the patient is free to resume his/her daily routine.