Q: HOW DOES LASER LIPO WORK? A: During an LASER LIPO treatment a laser is used to stimulate the body’s natural process for breaking down and releasing stored content in the fat cells. Q: HOW IS LASER LIPO DIFFERENT FROM VELASMOOTH AND OTHER PRODUCTS? A: Other products are for cellulite reduction and skin tightening and do not affect fat cells. LASER LIPO breaks down the fat cells directly and is truly a form of liposuction unlike other products on the market. Q: HOW MANY TREATMENTS OF LASER LIPO WILL I NEED? A: LASER LIPO treatments are structured into courses of eight. Your number of LASER LIPO treatments, however, is determined at your consultation and is based on your requirements and goals. We suggest two LASER LIPO treatments a week over four weeks to complete a full course of LASER LIPO treatments. Q: HOW LONG IS EACH LASER LIPO TREATMENT? A: LASER LIPO laser treatment takes just 20 minutes followed by a 10-15 minutes of infrared laser vacuum massage. The length of time for your post-treatment exercise to "burn off" the free fatty acids is determined at your consultation and is based on your requirements and goals from your LASER LIPO results. Q: WHY DO I HAVE TO WORKOUT AFTER LASER LIPO TREATMENTS? A: Once the fat cells are broken down after LASER LIPO treatments, the contents of the fat cells need a way to exit the body. If they do not exit the body within a few hours, they get reabsorbed by other fat cells. A brief workout immediately after an LASER LIPO treatment ensures that the fat is excreted via the lymphatic system. Q: DO I HAVE TO WORKOUT AFTER LASER LIPO TREATMENTS? A: Working out after LASER LIPO treamtents gives the body a way to metabolize and excrete the fat that is broken down. If you don’t do a workout after your LASER LIPO session, you run the risk of the released fat being absorbed by other cells since your lymphatic system is not actively draining it. Q: ARE LASER LIPO TREATMENT COMFORTABLE? A: Most people feel very little during their LASER LIPO treatment and find it comfortable and relaxing. The typical sensation felt is slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with your skin. Q: IS LASER LIPO SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE? A: LASER LIPO Ultra+ can be used on both men and women and can treat most areas of the body except the female breast. As with any treatment, people with certain medical conditions should not use the LASER LIPO Ultra+. Your LASER LIPO Ultra+ practitioner will go through a full medical questionnaire and consultation prior to treatment to confirm suitability. LASER LIPO is not recommended for patients that are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a history of malignancy, or have diabetes. Q: IS LASER LIPO SAFE? A: Yes. Independent clinical studies have shown LASER LIPO to be completely safe with no side effects. The LASER LIPO laser simply triggers a natural reaction of fat cell release. The process does not cause any damage and cells remain intact, just smaller, giving immediate results. The LASER LIPO Ultra is FDA cleared. Q: HOW LONG WILL MYLASER LIPO RESULTS LAST? A: LASER LIPO results are long-term, provided your calorie intake and eating plan is stable, and you engage in regular exercise. Further LASER LIPO treatments can be performed to correct diet indulgence or target another area of the body. Q: WHEN WILL I SEE MY LASER LIPO RESULTS? A: Often LASER LIPO results can be seen immediately and improve with every treatment. Over the course of eight LASER LIPO sessions, you can achieve dramatic reshaping of the body and reduction in cellulite. Q: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LASER LIPO& LASER LIPO ULTRA? A: The function of LASER LIPO is to the reduce inches and encourage weight loss. It utilizes a cold laser to release fat from the fat cells. The function of LASER LIPO Ultra is to smooth the appearance of cellulite. LASER LIPO Ultra can also enhance the results of LASER LIPO . LASER LIPO Ultra utilizes a vacuum which is combined with a cold laser. Q: HOW LONG IS THE RECOVERY TIME FROM LASER LIPO? A: There is no recovery period and no down time after LASER LIPO sessions. Q: WHAT AREAS CAN BE TREATED WITH LASER LIPO? A: The abdomen, saddle bags, thighs, upper back area, neck, arms, and calves can all be safely treated with LASER LIPO . Q: CAN I TREAT MORE THAN ONE AREA AT A TIME WITH LASER LIPO? A: It is not recommended to treat more than one area at a time with LASER LIPO due to the difficulty to excrete the fat from multiple areas and overall treatment being less effective. We recommend completing one area before starting on another LASER LIPO treatment location for optimal results. Q: HOW MUCH DOES LASER LIPO COST? A: LASER LIPO cost is dependent on the area that is being treated. A free consultation can be scheduled with a doctor to discuss which areas should be treated and pricing for treatments at that time. LASER LIPO treatments are sold individually or in packages. Q: WHAT ARE LASER LIPO PACKAGES? A: Each area requires 8-12 LASER LIPO treatments. Each LASER LIPO session lasts approximately 1 hour from start to finish. Typically 2 LASER LIPO treatments are done weekly resulting in roughly a 4-6 week commitment.